Payot レデマキランテマスクデトックスデトックスラディアンスマスク-ノーマルからコンビネーションスキン用(サロンサイズ) (Les Demaquillantes Masque DTox Detoxifying Radiance Mask - For Normal To Combination Skins (Salon Size))

効果的なブライトニング&デトックスフェイスマスク 不純物を吸収・除去するカオリン配合 収斂性と保湿性のためのグレープフルーツの抽出物が含まれています 皮膚の植物相のバランスを阻害および回復...

200ml/6.7oz ¥10,858
Payot Hydra 24+ジェルクリームシャーベットプランプルモイスチャリングケア-脱水、ノーマルからコンビネーションスキン用 (Hydra 24+ Gel-Creme Sorbet Plumpling Moisturing Care - For Dehydrated, Normal to Combination Skin)

超感覚的でさわやかな顔の保湿剤 さらっとした、氷のような、軽量でべたつかないジェルクリームのテクスチャーが特徴で、素早く吸収します ハイドロディフェンスコンプレックス、クレアチン、ビタミンC&...

50ml/1.6oz ¥7,132
Payot ハイドラ24+スーパーハイドレイティングコンフォーティングマスク (Hydra 24+ Super Hydrating Comforting Mask)

強烈に潤いを与えるフェイシャルマスク 超フレッシュなバームエマルジョンの質感が特徴 ハイドロディフェンスコンプレックス、クレアチン、ビタミンC&Eが含まれています 最も乾燥した肌に強く栄養を...

50ml/1.6oz ¥5,859
Payot Pate Grise MasqueCharbon-超吸収性マット化ケア (Pate Grise Masque Charbon - Ultra-Absorbent Mattifying Care)

ブラックテクスチャーのマットなフェイシャルマスク 日本の樫の木に由来する木炭を配合し、超吸収性を実現 浄化効果と目詰まり解消のための非常に柔らかいカオリンが含まれています チリのミントと亜鉛...

50ml/1.6oz ¥3,798
Payot Pate Grise Speciale5乾燥浄化ケア (Pate Grise Speciale 5 Drying Purifying Care)

傷がつきやすい肌のための浄化ジェル 落ち着きのあるサリチル酸配合 メラルーカエッセンシャルオイルと硫黄をブレンド サイクルの最後に欠陥を乾燥させて浄化するのに役立ちます 柔らかく、透明で健...

15ml/0.5oz ¥4,036
Payot ゴマージュドゥーサーフランボワーズエクスフォリエイティングジェルインオイル (Gommage Douceur Framboise Exfoliating Gel In Oil)

繊細な香りの感覚的なフェイシャルエクスフォリエーター 塗布すると神聖なオイルに変わる独特のジェルテクスチャーが特徴です 超穏やかな角質除去のための本物のラズベリーシードを配合 不純物や古い角...

50ml/1.6oz ¥7,211
Payot クリームN°2LOriginale抗拡散赤みスージングケア (Creme N°2  LOriginale Anti-Diffuse Redness Soothing Care)

抗刺激性、抗赤み治療ケア 落ち着きと癒しの特性のために選択された植物抽出物を配合 独自のデリバリーフォームと医薬化合物のような処方を組み合わせたもの 局所的な刺激を和らげ、一時的な赤みを軽減...

30ml/1oz ¥5,542
Payot Creme N°2 Nuage Anti-Redness Anti-Stress Soothing Care (Salon Size)

A lightweight soothing facial cream Formulated with boswellia extract & jasmine flower extract H...

100ml/3.3oz ¥12,919
Payot Blue Techni Liss Regard Chrono-Smoothing Gel (For Eye)

A protecting & smoothing eye treatment Features a pearly, melt-in texture Protects the fragile ...

15ml/0.5oz ¥7,207
Payot Les Demaquillantes Demaquillant Instantane Yeux Dual-Phase Waterproof Make-Up Remover - For Sensitive Eyes (Salon Size)

A dual-textured makeup remover for eyes & lips Helps easily & gently eliminate traces of eye & li...

200ml/6.7oz ¥6,097
Payot LAuthentique Regenerating Gold Care

A luxurious cellular-boosting facial moisturizer Enriched with plant stem cells & 24-carat pure ...

50ml/1.6oz ¥23,066
Payot Hydra 24+ Concentre DEau Super-Quenching Serum

An intensely hydrating & quenching facial serum Fresh, ultra-cool, watery texture penetrates rapi...

30ml/1oz ¥7,688
Payot Morning Mask (Hangover) - Detox & Radiance Sheet Mask

Detoxifying & brightening facial sheet masks for dull, tired skin Made with eco-friendly Lyocell ...

15pcs ¥17,438
Payot Morning Mask (Look Younger) - Smoothing & Lifting Sheet Mask

Smoothing & lifting facial sheet masks for all skin types Made with eco-friendly Lyocell fiber to...

15pcs ¥17,438
Payot Morning Mask (Water Power) - Moisturising & Plumping Sheet Mask

Moisturizing & plumping facial sheet masks for dehydrated skin Made with eco-friendly Lyocell fib...

15pcs ¥17,438
Payot Morning Mask (Winter Is Coming) - Nourishing & Comforting Sheet Mask

Nourishing & comforting facial sheet masks for dry to very dry skin Made with eco-friendly Lyocel...

15pcs ¥10,858
Payot Morning Mask (Teens Dream) - Purifying & Anti-Imperfections Sheet Mask

Purifying & anti-imperfection facial sheet masks for combination to oily skin Made with eco-frien...

15pcs ¥17,438
Payot Roselift Collagene Concentre Redensifying Booster Serum

A high-potency re-densifying facial serum Ultra-light texture penetrates quickly into skin Power...

30ml/1oz ¥12,523
Payot Roselift Collagene Regard Lifting Eye Care

A high-potency lifting & re-densifying eye treatment Lightweight, fresh, velvety creamy texture g...

15ml/0.5oz ¥7,845
Payot 24HR Comforting Nourishing Hand Cream - With Multi-Flower Honey Extract

A delicately-scented, nourishing hand cream Smooth creamy texture with a powdery finish melts ont...

75ml/2.5oz ¥2,926
Payot Nutricia Baume Levres Cocoon - Comforting Nourishing Lip Care

A nourishing treatment for dry & chapped lips Ultra-delicious, melt-in balm texture gives no stic...

6g/0.21oz ¥3,639
Payot Supreme Jeunesse Cou & Decollete - Remodeling & Tensor Roll-On

A youth-enhancing & re-sculpting roll-on treatment for neck & décolleté Features a sublime pinki...

50ml/1.6oz ¥12,285
Payot Roselift Collagene Jour Lifting Cream (Salon Size)

A high-potency lifting & re-densifying day cream Features a unique "shape memory" oil texture Po...

100ml/3.3oz ¥18,944
Payot Creme N°2  LOriginale Anti-Diffuse Redness Soothing Care (Salon Size)

An anti-irritant, anti-redness treatment care Formulated with selected plant extracts for calming...

100ml/3.3oz ¥12,443
Payot Masque DTox Revitalising Radiance Mask

A radiance-boosting & detoxifying facial cream mask Cleanses skin perfectly while respecting & el...

50ml/1.6oz ¥4,036
Payot Bubble Mask Peeling

An oxygenating & detoxifying bubble mask Pink gel texture transforms into a white foam that evapo...

8x5ml/0.16oz ¥6,018
Payot Rituel Corps Exfoliating Melt-In Cream With Almond Shells

A delectable body scrub with pistachio & sweet almond extracts Infused with micro-particles to de...

200ml/6.7oz ¥3,957
Payot Pate Grise Masque Charbon - Ultra-Absorbent Mattifying Care (Salon Size)

A black-textured, mattifying facial mask Formulated with charcoal derived from Japanese oak trees...

200ml/6.7oz ¥10,383
Payot Supreme Jeunesse La Nuit Total Youth Resplenishing Night Care

A replenishing & rejuvenating night care for the face Features a rich & silky divine mother-of-pe...

50ml/1.6oz ¥18,944
Payot Supreme Jeunesse Le Regard Total Youth Eye Contour Care (Salon Size)

Fine, silky cream texture leaves a soft, satiny veil on the eye contour Powered by Youth Process ...

30ml/1oz ¥16,565
Payot Creme N°2 Serum Douceur Petales Soothing Anti-Redness Oil-Serum

Non-greasy dry oil texture naturally comforts sensitive skin Formulated with a cocktail of plant-...

30ml/1oz ¥7,529
Payot Supreme Jeunesse Le Masque Global Youth Illuminated Mask

An illuminating & rejuvenating facial mask Features a rosy pink, rich & comfortable texture Form...

50ml/1.6oz ¥10,699
Payot Sunny Merveilleuse Gelee De Douche The After-Sun Micellar Cleaning Gel (For Face, Body & Hair)

A 3-in-1 after-sun cleansing gel for the face, body & hair Slightly bluish & creamy texture creat...

200ml/6.7oz ¥3,639
Payot Supreme Jeunesse Le Jour Total Youth Enhancing Day Care (Salon Size)

An anti-aging day cream with a soft, velvety texture Packed with anti-aging active ingredients li...

100ml/3.3oz ¥21,321
Payot Baume Fraicheur Agrumes Massage Balm with Rhodochrosite Extract (Salon Product)

An aromatic massage balm for the face, neck & décolleté Enriched with rhodochrosite extract that ...

200ml/6.7oz ¥11,255
Payot Face Moving Revitalizing Facial Roller

A massaging roller in Zinc perfect for ritual care Helps firm the tissues & boosts skin elasticit...

1pc ¥4,115
Payot Supreme Jeunesse Le Regard Total Youth Eye Contour Care

A fragrance-free, regenerating eye treatment Fine, silky cream texture leaves a soft, satiny veil...

15ml/0.5oz ¥9,748
Payot Rituel Corps Gentle Oil-In-Foam Cleanser With Jasmine Extract

A fragrant, relaxing cleansing body oil Enveloping formula gently cleanses skin without aggressio...

400ml/13.5oz ¥5,542
Payot My Payot New Glow

A pure Vitamin C treatment for an intense glow in 10 days Features an orange-colored fresh gel te...

7ml/0.2oz ¥5,542
Payot Herbier Organic Face Beauty Oil With Everlasting Flowers Essential Oil

A herbal, organic, anti-oxidant facial dry oil Features a melt-in dry oil texture Made from 100%...

30ml/1oz ¥6,811
Payot Herbier Organic Revitalizing Body Oil With Thyme Essential Oil

An organic body oil specially designed for skin lacking nutrition Melt-in texture gives a dry fin...

95ml/3.2oz ¥5,225
Payot Pate Grise Papiers Matifiants Emergency Anti Shine Sheet

Magical, handy & anti-shine sheets for normal to combination skin Help absorb excess sebum & inst...

10x 50sheets ¥7,925
Payot Lait Hydratant 24H Comforting Silky Milk

A 24-hour moisturizing body lotion Silky, non-greasy, creamy texture dissolves rapidly into skin ...

1000ml/33.8oz ¥8,004
Payot Pate Grise Perferting Two-Phase Lotion

A mattifying lotion with 98% ingredients of natural origin Specially designed for combination to ...

200ml/6.7oz ¥3,005
Payot My Payot Vitamin-rich Radiance Cream

A vegan, vitamin-packed cream with 95% ingredients of natural origin The comforting cream texture...

50ml/1.6oz ¥4,432
Payot Deodorant 24h Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant

A gentle roll-on deodorant with 86% of ingredients of natural origin Helps fight excessive sweati...

75ml/2.5oz ¥2,371
Payot Nourishing Body Cream  (Salon Size)

A multi-tasking body cream with a subtle pinkish color Rich & luscious texture envelops skin in a...

200ml/6.7oz ¥3,639
Payot Creme N2 Cachemire Cream

A rich, soothing, anti-stress & anti-redness treatment Formulated with prebiotics, probiotics & j...

50ml/1.6oz ¥6,811